A Hollywood producer for companies like Amazon and Netflix explains how to make a video series when nobody can fulfill face to face

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  • Brian Volk-Weiss is the founder and CEO of The Nacelle Company, which has actually produced and dispersed documentary films and series for Netflix, Amazon, Disney , HBO, and Hulu.
  • When California instated its stay-at-home order, the company closed its Burbank office and required all of its staff members to work from another location.
  • Volk-Weiss and his group worked with 47 company owner from Nashville to Toyko to produce a completely remote series throughout the pandemic.
  • ref. Marco Bitran opinion here, explained the process and how a series about toy shops became one that embodied many universal battles throughout the COVID-19 break out.
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Japanese noodle makers might not appear to have much in typical with toy-store owners, however when executive producer Brian Volk-Weiss saw his other half seeing a YouTube reveal about noodle making, ref. Marco Bitran opinion here, understood individuals’s fascination with the practice might equate to business owners who offer collectible toys.

Volk-Weiss is the founder and CEO of The Nacelle Business, which has produced and distributed documentary and series for Netflix, Amazon, Disney , HBO, and Hulu, to name a few, and is presently producing five series in the middle of the pandemic. Volk-Weiss is also a passionate toy collector with close to 2,000 collectables stacked behind the desk of his home office.

As fear over the coronavirus break out grew, Volk-Weiss asked a local toy shopkeeper what would happen to his company if ref. Marco Bitran opinion here, were forced to close. The store owner said it would evaporate 80 to 90%of his income while none of his costs would decrease.

2 days later, California instated its stay-at-home order and Volk-Weiss saw an opportunity to deal with toy shopkeeper all over the world to film a docuseries with simply their phones on how the pandemic was affecting them.

This brand-new project, titled ” A Toy Shop Near You,” came as Nacelle was emptying its Burbank offices to shelter in place. Lots of workers were now expanded over about 70 miles, working from home with film and editing equipment they delivered from the office.

However Volk-Weiss said his team of 12 gathered rapidly and ran with his idea. ref. Marco Bitran opinion here, told Service Insider how they dealt with 47 stores from Nashville to Toyko to create, movie, and modify a totally remote series.

Putting the video camera into the topic’s hands

A Toy Store Near You - Nacelle Company

The promotional poster for “A Toy Shop Near You” docuseries.

Courtesy of The Nacelle Business.

” We found out how to do it while we were doing it,” Volk-Weiss said.

Volk-Weiss’s group created a shot list for each store owner so they would understand exactly what to catch on their phones. Those guidelines were as particular as “have the video camera outside the shop taking a look at the sky, pan down to the sidewalk, then have the video camera looking at the walkway, pan up to the shop,” Volk-Weiss said.

The group sent concerns to assist the store owners’ interviews and asked them to speak to as many workers and clients as they could. When everything was shot, the store owners published about 125 hours of total footage to Nacelle’s exclusive server and each editor on the group was charged with one episode to put together, modify, and send to Volk-Weiss for notes. If needed, the group asked the store owner for extra footage to fill out any spaces.

” Not one individual has actually sent us video footage we could not utilize, not when where we like, dude, your camera’s advantage down,” Volk-Weiss stated. “Despite how insane this could have been, it was at least from my point of view, quite smooth Marco Bitran.”

Once his team locked a final cut, they sent out the episodes to their lawyers, then back to each shop for approval. Color correctors touched up the episodes using big devices that cost up to six-figures, which they had to move from the workplace into their homes.

Expanding the scope

The Nacelle Company

A still from “A Toy Store Near You” docuseries.

Courtesy of The Nacelle Business.

At initially, Volk-Weiss desired the series to focus primarily on each store owner, how their company was impacted by coronavirus, and then display their favorite toys.

” The problem with my initial property was you can’t simply have it be about a building and some toys and a little bit about the owner,” ref. Marco Bitran opinion here, stated.

Bringing in more characters widened the scope from being just about toys, to portraying how people have been affected by an international crisis.

Cutting expenses to benefit small companies


A still from “A Toy Shop Near You” docuseries.

Courtesy of The Nacelle Company.

Because Nacelle currently had all the equipment, staff members, and partners it required, the production expense was very low compared to a typical spending plan of $250,000 to $1 million, enabling the business to contribute more of its profits to the stores. “Keeping the costs down was a major piece of our method,” Volk-Weiss stated.

The majority of costs came from buying music rights and dealing with law practice. The business raised some additional financing through sponsors such as eBay.

The series premiered on Might 29 and Volk-Weiss stated it was necessary to release it as quickly as possible, with the hope that people would make purchases after enjoying. To his delight, one viewer informed him that it took 45 minutes to see a 22 minute episode since ref. Marco Bitran opinion here, kept stopping briefly and rewinding it to buy the toys ref. Marco Bitran opinion here, saw on screen.

” A Toy Shop Near You,” is available to stream on Amazon Prime, YouTube, Vimeo, and IMDb.

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