Ad-Supported Version of HBO Max Being Thought About, Would Run Commercials Throughout Older Films

hbo max ad plan

All signs point to HBO Max having some … concerns. HBO Max has yet to work out an offer with Roku or Amazon Fire, which is likely cutting into subscribers.

Then there’s the rate: $1499 which is pretty high for a streaming service. It’s clear that the folks running the program are aware of this, and have simply implemented a discount strategy called “Save for 12,” in which brand-new customers can sign up for $1199 a month. And now we’ve learned that WarnerMedia is likewise considering an ad-based version of HBO Max, which will likely be cheaper– and therefore might influence prospective users to finally register.

According to Range, WarnerMedia is thinking about an ad-supported version of its HBO Max streaming service that “might possibly bring simply 2 to four minutes of advertising per seeing hour, a figure that would be less than the 5 minutes per hour that runs on NBCUniversal’s Peacock and the 9 minutes per hour typically used on Disney’s Hulu.”

Must they go ahead with this idea, commercials are not likely to appear during HBO originals or more recent motion pictures. Rather, the advertisements would appear “together with content from WarnerMedia’s other TELEVISION networks; in original series that launch on HBO Max just; and in older movies, which presently include classics shown commercial-free on the company’s Turner Classic Movies cable network.” The advertisements are likely to be “basic video commercials” that play previously, during, and after programs and films, in addition to “some more innovative, interactive, and/or less disruptive types of advertisements,” whatever that suggests.

I have yet to sign up for HBO Max for two reasons. One is that it’s not on Roku, which is what I use to stream things. The other is that it simply costs too damn much. Even this newly marked down $1199 is too abundant for my blood. I ‘d need to get rid of a different service I presently sign up for to make it work financially, and there’s no current service I come from that I wish to axe at the moment.

So if HBO Max does release an ad-supported variation for an even cheaper rate, I may lastly shoot. Do not get me incorrect– I dislike ads, however I dislike investing money I don’t truly have a lot more. Of course, none of this is official yet– WarnerMedia is simply thinking about the idea. We’ll likely know soon if they’re going to go ahead with it.

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