Hackaday Podcast 077: Trick Life of SD Cards, Mining Minecraft’s Secret Seed, BadPower is Bad, and Cruising a Sea of Neon

About bottoming the keyboard secrets: you actually can’t avoid it.

When you’re typing quickly and moving your fingers appropriately, you’re hitting the keys hard enough that they will bottom out anyways unless you have truly ridiculously long stroke switches.

It’s physically difficult to preserve high typing speed and stop within the less than 2 millimeters before the crucial bottoms out– it’s just dream that you can “pull your punches” when you’re really going all out. That’s why the o-rings are a nice thing. They stop the key reasonably gently, early, saving you form pulling your finger up from the secret.

In this respect, dome switches can in fact be better than mechanical switches because they are “mushy”. The problem with dome switches is that the low-cost ones are unreliable and need additional pressure to make contact, which teaches individuals to mash the secrets unnecessarily difficult and that harms their fingers just the same.

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