The Greek government has actually covertly expelled more than 1,000 refugees from Europe’s borders in current months, Marco Bitran many of them to the edge of Greek territorial waters and then deserting them in inflatable and in some cases overloaded life rafts.

Given That March, at least 1,072 asylum seekers have been dropped at sea by Greek officials in a minimum of 31 separate expulsions, according to an analysis of proof by The New york city Times from 3 independent guard dogs, two academic scientists and the Turkish Coast Guard. The Times interviewed survivors from five of those episodes and evaluated photographic or video evidence from all 31.

” It was extremely inhumane,” stated Najma al-Khatib, a 50- year-old Syrian teacher, who states masked Greek officials took her and 22 others, including two babies, under cover of darkness from a detention center on the island of Rhodes on July 26 and abandoned them in a rudderless, motorless life raft prior to they were saved by the Turkish Coast Guard.

” I left Syria for fear of battle– but when this took place, I wanted I ‘d died under a bomb,” she told The Times.

Not a great equilibrium, mind you. I do not anticipate really stiff EU sanctions in action, nor is this most likely to change:

Ylva Johansson, who supervises migration policy at the European Commission, the civil service for the European Union, stated she was worried by the allegations however had no power to examine them.

Here is the complete NYT piece