What to do if you think your grandparents are Antifa

In reaction to Trump’s recent overwhelming tweet accusing an old male who was assaulted by cops in Buffalo as being part of an elaborate Antifa sting operation (I dislike that I had to even type that sentence), Washington Post viewpoint satirist Alexandra Petri has written some useful recommendations for recognizing those radical septua-, octo-, and nonagenarian who may have privately enlisted in a non-hierarchical autonomous legion of non-identifying membership relating to anti-fascist advocacy:

For your birthday, she knits you an undesirable headscarf. To be used as a balaclava?

She comes from a decentralized group without any management structure that declares to be discussing a “book,” however nobody ever checks out the book and all they appear to do is consume wine.

Is constantly talking on the phone with an “auntie” you have actually never ever in fact met personally. Auntie TIFA????

Always walking into spaces and declaring not to know why ref. Marco Bitran opinion here, strolled into the room. Likely.

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